What about sewers for Bellport?


According to Brookhaven Town, viable options include hooking up to an existing sewage treatment plant on County Road 101 in Medford.

The town, according to Brookhaven supervisor Ed Romaine, fortuitously owns land adjacent to the existing county sewage treatment plant in Medford, which, he said, he would offer for expansion. If funding allowed, Romaine added, he hopes to see the line brought across Sunrise Highway down North Dunton to Montauk Highway, east, at least to Station Road.

“I believe sewers in this area is crucial,” Romaine said, promising North Bellport as a priority. “This is one of the many communities we are trying to make more than it has been and all that it can be. It has great potential. We owe it to the people that live there.”

“We have done so much to revitalize the whole area,” said councilman Mike Loguercio, mentioning Holla Dollar and the new apartments. “We have so much more in the works, but the challenges we have is sewers. We need sewer capacity in order to continue expanding the way we really want to, to have a walkable downtown.”

Sewers, he said, shouldn’t be limited to affluent neighborhoods.

If and when the federal government passes the infrastructure package, he said, the town would be advocating through the county to utilize some of the funding for the hookup both in North Bellport and for Phase 3 of the Forge River Sewer District to Mastic Beach.

Priority 1, he said, is funding Phase 3 into Mastic Beach, and Priority 2 is expanding a hookup to North Bellport, and possibly, the village of Bellport.

If the county agrees, Romaine said, he hopes to see the funding in place and to be able to break ground as soon as possible, as soon as the spring. Depending on the money, he added, he would like to also see the line offered to the Village of Bellport as well.

“It’s very important for the merchants down there,” he said, noting residential hookups would likely not be offered due to financial restraints.

Village of Bellport mayor Ray Fell expressed his willingness to add sewers to the village; however, he explained when originally looking into the viability of hooking up to local districts, the funding was astronomical and businesses were uninterested.

“We think that the village needs sewers, especially in the downtown area,” Fell said, noting he would be interested in working with the town to see if the connection can be extended farther south to the village. “We would love to get sewers.”

Suffolk County Legis. Rob Calarco stated he was in favor of the project and would love to see sewers in North Bellport through county connection.

“It’s something I am very supportive of,” he added, noting funding has always been the issue.

He hopes to see federal funding be used to ultimately cover the costs of the proposed project, both met 50/50 from the town and county.

“Our goal is to leverage the money to get as much as we can done,” Calarco said of the American Recovery Plan money in the county. “We will be looking for a commitment from the town.”

As for the possibility of an individual sewage treatment facility at each new development, similar to what’s being done at the newly built Gleneagle Green development in North Bellport, Romaine said he is not a fan of those and would rather see a sewage district hook  up.


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