Rumor has it, Starbucks is coming to Main Street, Patchogue

'King' sells Bargain Bilge in multi-million-dollar deal


After a number of interested buyers, George Emrick, known to locals as “king,” has sold his property housing Bargain Bilge located at 159 West Main Street in Patchogue to a developer working with the national retailer Starbucks.

According to Emrick, the new site will soon be home to the largest Starbucks on Long Island with a drive-through suitable for over 20 cars.
The 10,000-square-foot building and almost 1-acre property was purchased by ABH Realty Group, the developer, in a multi-million-dollar deal back on Jan. 29.

“It’s a prime location and the gateway to Patchogue,” Emrick said. “This is my legacy and I wanted to see something cool here not just sell to the highest bidder.”

The Starbucks deal came after an attempt to develop the site as a hotel fell through. Though a number of other offers were made, he said. Starbucks has not yet responded to comment. Though, according to a proposed site plan, the building would be over 2,000-square-feet and feautre a drive-through with a window and a walk-up window as well as parking and some outdoor seating. 

Mayor of Patchogue Paul Pontieri said he could not comment at this time because official plans have not yet been presented to the building and planning department.

As for Bargain Bilge, Emrick has shifted sales online at after 35 years in business. Everything he had available in store is available online and he will still be making special local deliveries. Emrick can be reached at
More information to come as the story develops.


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