Noise disturbance caused by marina project

Monthly Village of Bellport trustees meeting


On July 25, the Village of Bellport held their monthly board meeting at 7 p.m., following a reorganization session at 6 p.m. The meeting was open to the public in the Village Community Center on Bell Street. It was an in-person meeting, which was also streamed on Zoom. Bellport mayor Ray Fell was away and unable to attend. Deputy mayor Robert Rosenberg led the work session in his absence.

Rosenberg reported on behalf of Fell regarding the noise disturbance caused by the rebuilding taking place at the Bellport Marina project. He stated that on Monday, the code of enforcement committee held a meeting and found that the noise levels were above the village limits for a prolonged duration. It was voted to issue a stop-work order if the noise persisted.

“The builders were given that that was the decision, and they voluntarily shut down the project,” Rosenberg said.

Fell also informed that, under the terms of the code, an application can be made to the mayor who could, at his “sole discretion,” offer relief for a 30-day period.

“The mayor, before he left, negotiated with them, and agreed that the pile-driving process could continue Tuesday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.” The avuncular deputy mayor advised, “that is when you should not try to take your naps.”

This schedule will continue for 30 days, after which time further relief would be required, if that aspect of the project is not completed.

The board also discussed that the Waterfront Commission has been diligently working on design plans for both the rebuilding of the Ho-Hum Beach Marina and Mother’s Beach Marina.

“So that is progressing nicely on both, and we will continue to do that,” said trustee Michael Ferrigno.

The board also discussed that they are pursuing a $3.3 million grant for the Howells Point Coastal Flood Resiliency Project.

“We are very glad to report that the submission was submitted to the Senate Appropriations Committee, where it will be evaluated for possible funding by both our senators Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer.”

It was discussed that an organization called the South Country Peace Group wants to hold their 40th annual world peace vigil and community dedication to peace. They would like to start at Woodland Cemetery and proceed down to Osborn Park. The group has not filed an official application at this time. The deputy mayor asked the board to pass a resolution of accommodating the situation, pending approval by the village clerk, regarding adherence to code and all necessary paperwork being filed. They are not intending to close the street and plan to utilize the sidewalk for their peace procession. The board passed the resolution unanimously.

A member of the audience requested that the board consider putting their agenda on the website in advance so that residents can look at it and decide if they would like to attend a specific meeting. The concerned citizen asked that commission meetings be put on the village calendar so they are more easily found by those who may wish to attend. The deputy mayor informed that the agenda is posted on the Village of Bellport website along with the notice for the Zoom meeting. He added that some of the commission meetings are “ad hoc” and impromptu, or subject to last-minute changes.

“It is my understanding that those meetings will definitely be on our calendar. However, we will make our best efforts, on other occasions, when the meetings of commissions and other things fall outside,” the deputy mayor said.

Zoom meetings, being made available to the public, are a great way to stay informed, from anywhere, about the latest community activities, and to decide if you would like to attend an upcoming meeting to discuss anything further or to pose any questions in person at the next session. To stay informed about upcoming meetings or to catch them live on Zoom, visit 


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