Meters installed at Corey Beach and Sandspit Marina

Brookhaven Town eliminates booth collection for easier access


The newly installed Town of Brookhaven parking meters at Corey Beach in Blue Point and Sandspit Marina in Patchogue went live last weekend.

The meters are part of the town’s larger effort to replace the booth collection in areas including Blue Point, Patchogue, Holtsville and Port Jefferson. Though the meters are live, those with town parking stickers will be able to bypass the system. The transition, according to town officials, eliminated the seasonal booth employees using cash and change for a more simple and effective way to park without holding up traffic.

Residents will be able to pay at the meter or by phone on a mobile app called Flowbird, allowing people to buy virtually and extend their hours, even from Fire Island.

“I do believe the parking meters will be a convenience for people,” said councilman Neil Foley. “If you are a town resident you can always purchase the sticker, and you don’t have to pay for parking at the meters. But this also allows residents out of town to utilize the lots.”

The meters charge $2 per hour on weekdays and $3 per hour on weekends. Town stickers cost $25 per year. To purchase a parking sticker, visit




If your vehicle displays a valid 2021 parking permit or sticker, you do not have to use the pay station. If it does not display it, you must pay for parking at the pay station.

  • Park your vehicle. Remember your license plate number or use your smartphone to take photo of your plates.
  • Enter your license plate number at the pay station.
  • Select the duration you would like to park for.
  • Pay with cash or credit.
  • Proceed to your destination. You do not have to place a stub or receipt on the dashboard.

Or, download Flowbird parking app at and pay on your smartphone.


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