Last segment of dock work addressed

Bellport Marina main pier to be replaced with vinyl sheet


The Kitzen Construction LLC staffers were down at the Bellport marina at 7 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day to start their work.

“The company won the bid replacing the whole length of southern exposure of the main pier with vinyl sheet pile,” said mayor Ray Fell of Kitzen, a marine construction company. “They opened the boardwalk to check the whalers and tie rods. Those support the vinyl sheet piles. Luckily, they’re in good shape.”

Fell said the boardwalk cap was removed so workers could look down and assess any damage.

“We were losing sand in a couple of areas where the sheet piles blew out. We’ll replace the sand and rebuild the boardwalk area,” Fell added.

There would be 405 feet of vinyl sheet pile that would be installed; 25 feet on the east end of the pier, said village clerk John Kocay.

As for its completion, “We don’t want to interfere with the boating season,” said Kocay. “So they’ll demi-build. We have one month to boating season; the work will be put on hold when it starts, then Kitzen will come back when the season ends—if the weather maintains itself like today, we’re golden.”

A group of ducks were seen in the water. It was a partly cloudy day with the sun emerging in and out. The air was mild with no wind. (Maybe leprechauns were at play.)

Fell reiterated that the main dock is completed.

“The hydro-dynamic separators for stormwater drainage were installed four weeks ago and is working,” Fell said.

“They’re also repairing the bulkhead at the end of Bell Lane,” added Kocay.

The last piece of the project is asphalting the parking lot. “They’ll have to do the parking lot in the warmer weather,” Fell said.


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