Designer custom-makes dollhouse

The three-story farmhouse is decked out in Bayport-Blue Point Christmas-style with wreaths in each window


With couture doll houses being a popular item amongst royals for centuries, and doll houses in general being a staple Christmas list wish for decades, is it possible to have both a luxurious and functional doll house for children to play with and adults to marvel at?

If you are a brilliant interior designer (with a patient husband) like Brittney Parrott of Blue Point, the answer is a charging, “yes!”

With her designer sensibilities put in cringe-mode at the vomit-inducing plastic pinks and purples of most commercially made dollhouses, Parrott set out to make a dollhouse that would be both HGTV and Disney-worthy for her children. “I have four kids! Three of them girls. They have been asking for a Barbie Dreamhouse for a long time… I made the mental decision that I would make them a Barbie dollhouse that would accompany my taste and vision.”

The three-story farmhouse structure, decked out in Bayport-Blue Point Christmas-style with wreaths in each window, stands nearly as tall as Parrott and is complete with an open concept (of course) kitchen and living room, bedroom, bathroom, kids’ bedroom, and even a laundry room.

With modern farmhouse touches everywhere (“I have a similar style to Joanna Gaines,” said Parrott), the dollhouse, if put up for sale, would have Realtors clawing at each other to list.

Throughout are luxury ticket items like Carrera marble for the kitchen countertop (repurposed from a broken cheeseboard), real wood shiplap, vinyl tile, porcelain subway tile for the bathroom, Sherpa rugs, faux fur pillows, and real candlesticks.

For a personalized touch, Parrott purchased doll-size “Harry Potter” books, a beloved series for her children.

So, can you actually play with it?

“The house was made to a 1:6 scale, so things like Barbie, LOL Disney Princess dolls all work [as will] any 11- or 12-inch doll.”

Taking approximately a month to put together, Parrott and her husband had to work in secret. “Luckily, we have a big detached barn that I was able to keep it hidden during construction… There was a deadline of Christmas morning and we were determined to have that big red bow on it!”

“The kids squealed with excitement when they came down the stairs,” said Parrott. “They took at least five minutes before they realized they had other wrapped presents from Santa!”

The Parrotts hope that the dollhouse will become a family heirloom to be treasured each generation.


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