Archway gets funded

CDA accepts Suffolk County Downtown Revitalization grant


The Village of Patchogue Community Development Agency applied for another round of Suffolk County Downtown Revitalization grant funding late last year.

As of this month, the Community Development Agency (CDA) was awarded the funding in the amount of $28,000. The CDA will match the grant to complete a new archway.

The archway will be installed at the beginning of the Roe Walkway situated between Toast Coffeehouse and Stanley’s Furniture on Main Street, sometime in the spring of 2023, said Marian Russo, executive director of the CDA, who applied for the grant.

The Roe Walkway received funding to install the original archway in 2016, and extension work with pavers and lighting the following year in 2017. The walkway itself was renovated in 2008. A Suffolk County grant and CDA funds allowed for a complete $200,000 revamp of the alley to ensure safety. The arch was a beautification addition.

Rachel and Tim Miller, from Spirit Iron Works in Bayport, known for their elaborate metal designs including the Bellport Village sailboat sculpture and the Staudinger Walkway arch on Main Street in Patchogue, will once again be tasked to fabricate the arch.

“It will be colorful and different, and about the same height,” Russo said. “It’s going to be gorgeous and beautiful. We are so excited about it.”

The Roe Walkway second-part arch will launch a series of archways to be created in the downtown, Russo explained, in addition to the original Staudinger arch farther west on Main Street. Additional possible future locations include the Patchogue Theatre for Performing Arts walkway, the post office and laundromat, and possibly the Bank of America walkway, depending on Tritec’s participation.

“The public art is unique and creates a sense of place,” Russo added. “We want to keep bringing the art out so that everyone can embrace and enjoy it.”

Mayor Paul Pontieri agreed. “I love the archways, leading into a path into the parking lot. It makes us a little bit different than everybody else.”


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