A shot at ‘Shock’

Bay Shore alum creates petition for chance to audition for superhero role


Growing up, Quentin Thomson loved watching superhero cartoons and superhero movies. One of his favorite heroes was Static Shock, a superhero with electromagnetic powers. It was recently announced that actor Michael B. Jordan, best-known for playing Killmonger in “Black Panther,” is producing a movie about Static Shock with Warner Bros. and DC.

Thomson, who has been acting professionally for about three years, knew the likelihood of the role being given to an already well-known actor was high. But instead of just accepting the Hollywood status quo, Thomson decided to reach for his dreams of playing Static Shock. In mid-December, Thomson created a change.org petition for a chance to audition for the coveted role. As of midday Monday, Jan. 3, Thomson had reached over 480 signatures on his petition.

“As it has been growing and gaining momentum, I feel like I realized the goal of the petition,” Thomson said. “The more and more I’ve invested into it, the less and less I’ve been interested in getting the role, but more and more interested in spreading the message of people just going for their dreams and not holding themselves back from things they think are out of reach or impossible.”

Thomson has always enjoyed acting; he did theater throughout his time at Bay Shore schools, but he actually went to college for computer engineering. In December, he graduated from SUNY New Paltz. Thomson said it was Static Shock and his superhero TV show that first got him interested in computers and science. 

“Growing up, I didn’t realize how much superheroes cartoons and superheroes in general influenced me,” Thomson said. “I feel like Static Shock really encouraged me to explore that scientific interest I had, which developed into my scientific enthusiasm.”

Though he loved acting and theater, Thomson put his love on the backburner for a while during college. He noted that for a while he felt that it was hard for him to express both interests: his love of science and his love of acting. However, one day in college he saw an open casting call for “Blue’s Clues” on Facebook and recorded an audition for the show. Within a week, he was asked to come in for an in-person audition and he made it all the way to the final callback. He will be moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks to further pursue his acting career.

“Throughout the entire process, I really enjoyed it,” Thomson said. “The nerves were there, but it was still exciting. And this was something I don’t want to let go of, and I want to keep going on and give it a shot at.”

Thomson has been preparing to play the role of a superhero his whole life. Back in high school, Thomson started a nonprofit organization called Heroes for Hope, where he would dress up as Spider-Man and go to local hospitals to distribute donated toys and talk to kids.

“With this petition, I want to show people that it doesn’t matter where you are in life,” Thomson said. “You are more than good enough for the dreams that you want to go after, and the best opportunities in life and the best experiences in life and the true key to our happiness is not questioning those inner gut feelings and just chasing after them.”

“I want to help the world challenge the impossible with this petition.


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