A camp not for the faint of heart

Camp Terror opens at The Gateway Oct. 1


Fluffy’s back, fangs and all.

He’s the big, bad wolf lunging when you least expect it. Fluffy is one of the scaries at The Gateway’s Camp Terror opening Oct 1 to 31st.

Will he follow you home? Or be joined by a demon?

Who knows?

“I think the whole ambiance of what we created is very intense,” said Gateway executive artistic director Paul Allan. “A lot is from a story culled from history. We did have camps here from the 50’s and 60’s, although nothing sinister. But we built on the scenario. And it’s with the idea that it’s a camp gone bad, the camp director has gone cookoo and the inhabitants are demons and devils. Last year we were 100 percent outside. This year it’s half outside and half in the theater and has a very creepy vibe.”

Allan said 50 actors and manipulators would be on hand creating the 20-minute, terrifying experience.  The performances offered will be timed. “It’s timed again as it was last year,” Allan elaborated. “There’s no social distancing per say because we’re all fully vaccinated (proof of Covid shot is required before entering as are masks), so we are time ticketing. Tickets are sold in 15-minute blocks.”

At $25 per adult, it’s literally a bargain to be scared out of your wits.

The Not So Scary for Kids is a daytime performance entirely outside; family or friend groups of two, four, or more can enter. That’s offered starting Oct. 16 on Saturdays (three performances) and Sundays (three performances) to Oct. 31. “You get a story as you go through, you’ll meet a witch, mummy and a Dracula and they’re all living in this maze. As you get to it there’s happy Halloween music and it’s an upbeat experience for under 10-year-olds,” Allan said.

At $54 per car, Camper’s Pike on the Forgotten Road at Southaven Park, which opens October 7 and ends Oct. 31, is a repeat collaboration with Suffolk County and Connoisseur Media Group. Will visitors need a shot of brandy for courage before driving the terrifying two-mile, 30-minute trail with doors locked?

“This haunt is really shaping up to be scary,” said Allan. “It’s a lot longer than 2020.”

But be warned.

Allan sounded a wee bit macabre when he added, “We’re really excited about scaring the heck out of everyone.”

All tickets to The Gateway’s Camp Terror, the Not-So-Scary for Kids, and Camper’s Pike at Southaven Park must be purchased before online at FearLI.com. For questions or directions, call 631-286-1133.


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