Incumbents sweep town elections
Councilman Neil Foley was re-elected with over 60 percent of the vote.

ADV Fuentes

Incumbents sweep town elections


Brookhaven Town Republicans celebrated yet another year of victory at the Stereo Garden in Patchogue late Tuesday night. Later that evening, Suffolk County Republican chairman Jesse Garcia announced the winners.

All Brookhaven Town incumbents were re-elected to their first four-year term after a referendum passed last year changing the term from two years to four.

“Let’s kick off this party with our hometown. An amazing sweep here in Brookhaven,” Garcia said, announcing the big win. “With well over 60 percent, Edward Romaine!”

Supervisor Ed Romaine was re-elected to his fourth full term with a total of 51,155 votes, making up just over 61 percent of the vote, over his opponent William Ferraro III. Earlier that day, Romaine started off with his usual breakfast at the Moriches Bay Diner.

“Thank you Brookhaven for this overwhelming re-election, and thank you for re-electing our entire team,” he said to the cheering crowds. “We are going to go back to work tomorrow. The reason we ran is so that we can govern, make Brookhaven move forward, so we can fix the finances and get rid of the zombie homes, and do the things necessary to build a better town and the things that are right for the Town of Brookhaven.”

The mostly Republican board was held with only one incumbent Democrat, Valerie Cartright, re-elected in a close race earlier in the night against Republican Tracy Kosciuk, who fell short by over 2,000 votes.

Also, as part of the town Republicans’ almost-clean sweep, councilman Neil Foley (District 5) was re-elected with just over 60 percent of the vote. Councilman Michael Loguercio (District 4) was also re-elected with just over 50 percent of the vote, and councilman Dan Panico (District 6) was re-elected as well with an overwhelming 72 percent.

“Patchogue! I can’t thank you enough,” said Foley on stage addressing the crowds.

Earlier on Election Day, Foley woke up bright and early to vote and made phone calls reminding people to do so; then he and his family had dinner before heading to the party. Loguercio started early as well, voted, and then headed out with his volunteers. Panico spent the day with his 5-year-old son Grant, who was with him to celebrate later in the evening as well.

Republican councilmembers in surrounding districts, Kevin J. LaValle and Jane Bonner, also won re-election, both with over 60 percent of the vote.

Highway superintendent Daniel Losquadro was re-elected by just over 58 percent, with 48,624 votes, against Democrat Anthony R. Portesy, who came in with over 41.5 percent, 34,514 votes, in a close race.

“We can now begin to plan long term and I certainly will continue to move Brookhaven forward,” he promised.

Legislative win

Suffolk County Legis. Rudy Sunderman (District 3) was re-elected for his second term with just over 62 percent of the vote (6,938 votes) against his Democratic opponent Daryl Edelstein. Earlier that day, he responded to a structure fire, had breakfast with his family and voted at the Mastic Fire Department.

“I have to thank my family, friends and the community that came out and supported me,” he said. “I’ll tell you, you can take any shot that’s given to you, but it is about my community and it has always been about my community.”

Steve Bellone was re-elected to a third term as Suffolk County executive, defeating Republican challenger John Kennedy, who earned 55.42 percent and 43.38 percent of the vote, respectively. Bellone said in his victory speech at IBEW Local 25 in Hauppauge that he looks forward to working together across the aisle and improving on the progress Suffolk has made.

“It’s amazing what a 2-million dollar campaign full of lies can do,” said Kennedy, bitter about his loss. “I want to thank everybody and chairman Garcia for putting his faith in me.”

Democrat Ed Hennessey won a seat on the bench of the first district court. Democrats also won six seats on the 10th district Supreme Court; those candidates were endorsed by the Republican and Conservative lines as well. Andrea Schiavoni and Victoria Gumbs Moore won seats as family court judges.