Pablo Cruise to rock it at Patchogue Theatre
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Pablo Cruise to rock it at Patchogue Theatre


Remember “Love Will Find A Way?”

Pablo Cruise, the band originally from San Francisco that exploded on the pop rock scene in the mid 1970s with top ten hits along with chart-busting albums will perform their exuberant music on Sunday, November 10 at Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts at 8 p.m. The band includes founding members Cory Lerios, (keys, vocals), Steve Price (drums, percussion) and David Jenkins (guitar, vocals), along with newer members Robbie Wyckoff, (vocals, percussion) and Larry Antonino (bass, vocals). The group established a highly successful legacy from 1975 to 1985, touring about 200 gigs a year, appearing on hit television programs, becoming the first rock group to play a major casino showroom as well as The Grand Ole Opry. In 2005, they rejoined after successfully veering into other ventures. Founding member Cory Lerios spoke with the Long Island Advance by phone.

Long Island Advance: The website excerpt about your first album, Pablo Cruise, and sticking a huge gorilla in the forefront of the album cover with no band members was pretty funny, an obvious hint at your infectious playing.

Cory Lerios:  Well, there’s a little back story here. We took a long break and then got back together. We had a lot of great songs and a great fan base. We’re pretty good friends and like to spread joy and fun in our shows especially in this time of turmoil. It’s our mission. So there’s a lot of comedy in our performances and we engage the audience. When we leave, the whole place is up and everyone is smiling.

LIA: Your band started in San Francisco. Where is everyone now?

CL: Three of the original five live in the L. A. area; I’m in Thousand Oaks, two are in Woodland Hills. Of the other two, one lives in San Diego and Montana and one lives between Nashville and San Francisco. But with communication the way it is, we’re in touch all the time. We’ll do about 45 shows a year in the U.S. now, which is enough. We all have families and good home lives and I’m grateful we still have Pablo Cruise.

LIA: The band has had a lot of high points. Which one did you say `Oh my God, I think we made it!”

CL: When we broke Elvis Presley’s attendance record at The Sahara Tahoe Casino. We were pretty much at the peak of our success. We’d just got back from the sell-out tour in Japan. When those Sahara Tahoe tickets for our three-day performances went on sale, they sold out in an hour.

LIA: Cory, you’ve written and produced countless theme music and underscores including for the TV show “Bay Watch” and the hit theme from Disney’s “Kim Possible” as well as other prestigious endeavors. As a kid, what did you play musically?

CL: Actually, we just re-released all the “Baywatch” episodes in January, repurposing the music and songs. It’s a pretty big deal because new networks are screaming for content. For my musical background, I grew up in Palo Alto and took to the piano at age 6 even before I took lessons and then took them on and off and in college studied with a really inspirational teacher. My mom was a retired singer, she was a contender in the Judy Garland genre and my dad was a businessman and played guitar.

LIA: Describe your concerts.

CL: A lot of the fans that come out are die-hard fans. Many fly in and we don’t take it for granted. Every show is a little different and we play from 90 minutes to two hours and our audiences are up standing and dancing the last quarter of the show. We’re looking forward to playing Patchogue.

Photo: Pablo Cruise band members Robbie Wyckoff, Larry Antonino, David Jenkins, Cory Lerios and Steve Price will perform at Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts on November 10.