Neil Foley (R,C,I) - Brookhaven Town Council District 5
Neil Foley

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Neil Foley (R,C,I) - Brookhaven Town Council District 5


Neil Foley of Blue Point, councilman for the 5th district in Brookhaven, is running for re-election this year. He was first elect- ed in a 2014 special election.

Foley said one of the biggest projects he’s been working on is the creation of an overlay district for a portion of East Patchogue, between Medford Avenue and Phyllis Drive. He’s been working with resi- dents and civic groups like Focus East Pat- chogue to create a plan that would bring reasonable development to the area. The project would use standards that balance traffic, density and retail availability to cre- ate a more vibrant area while still adhering to local community values. He called the project a “game-changer.”

Foley is also proud of an ongoing proj- ect at the Sandspit marina in Patchogue, which saw the replacement of the jetty this year and is now in the process of finishing the fishing pier this year and soon have a new park built there.

He said one of his skill sets has been thinking about both short-term and long- term decisions, and how certain actions affect the community decades into the future.

“When I make decisions, I don’t make decisions just for today,” he said.

Foley is also proud of the work the town board has done together, including putting the government in good fiscal standing with a strong bond and credit rating. The strong ratings allow for better borrowing and lower interest rates, saving taxpay- ers money, he said. Foley added that the landfill has been a board priority since 2014, and they have been planning for its 2024 closure. “We plan for it every year,” he said.

The issue of recycling is also something Foley said should continue to be looked at. He said that plastic pollution has become a big issue nationwide and the town should continue to push for recycling. He also wants to look into new avenues for recy- cling that would make it more efficient and cost-effective while maintaining a good product.

Foley represents much of the Great South Bay in Brookhaven, and said efforts to improve water qual- ity there through shell- fish planting have been important to environmen- tal progress. He added that he would be against large development proj- ects on the shore, saying that it would hurtthe environment and water quality.

Foley has tried to develop a relationship with his constituents on a personal level, he said, so they feel that he is responsive and attentive to their needs. He said he has a work ethic stemming from lessons he got from his parents, and also reminds himself that he wants to do work that would make his four kids proud.

“You have to stand up and make decisions for what you believe in,” he said