Mike Loguercio (R, C, I, REF) - Brookhaven Town Council District 4
Mike Loguercio

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Mike Loguercio (R, C, I, REF) - Brookhaven Town Council District 4


Councilman Michael Loguercio is running for re-election in the 4th council district for Brookhaven Town. He was first elected in 2015.

Loguercio said he is looking to continue the work he has done in office so far, like bringing jobs to the district and economic development. He’s also dedicated to safety and security for each community and said he works long and hard to make sure residents get the services they need.

He has also promised to have the town landfill close by 2024. Loguercio supports placing an energy park on the property and improving odor mitigation for years after it’s closed. He added that the town has been capping and closing the landfill as they go along, rather than all at once, which means about 75 percent is already closed.

“This landfill will close in 2024, and I will make sure of it,” he said.

Loguercio said he and the town board have been work- ing to improve the recycling program and acknowledged that it is a nationwide issue. He has been working with businesses to improve the recycling program as well as looking at new ways to encourage recycling through some pilot programs.

A major project Loguercio is hoping to bring to reality is to bring sewers down Montauk Highway from East Patchogue into Bellport and Brookhaven hamlet. Sewers are a key component in high-density housing and certain commercial businesses. He added that he’s been working on residential and commercial projects that improve the community of North Bellport and will allow people to stay and live there. The councilman is proud of the work the town has done to improve Montauk Highway in North Bellport, like repaving and bringing in new business and housing. He’s also been working with the MTA to change the fee schedule for the Bellport train station, so patrons don’t have to drive to Patchogue for a lower fare.

Loguercio had initially recused himself from the Crest project on Station Road across from the Bellport Outlets, citing a potential conflict of interest with a company that may have been involved in the project. However, he said that it was no longer the case and he would be able to be fully present for the project moving forward. He encour- aged residents to reach out to him with any concerns or suggestions over the proposal.

“I have always been upfront and honest,” he said, add- ing that he wanted to be as transparent as possible in the

address unique problems. He has assembled groups of clergy, first responders, civic leaders and more to bring forward issues in the district.

“I am always available and always responsive and I always will be,” he promised.