Andrea Stolz (D) - Brookhaven Town Council District 5
Andrea Stolz

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Andrea Stolz (D) - Brookhaven Town Council District 5


Andrea Stolz is running for Brookhaven Town Council in the 5th district. Stolz, of Patchogue, has experience in the county’s mental health system, working with and educating other parents. She moved to Patchogue 17 years ago, after 10 years as a military spouse, to raise her children.

Stolz said she would devote her full attention to being a councilperson and that the issues of the town need that kind of work. She promised she would always be responsive and available to constituents. 

One major issue she would like to address is the town’s landfill, making sure that there is an adequate plan in place when it closes in 2024. Stolz said that should she be elected, she would look to have a concrete plan for closing the landfill by the end of 2020. She said there should be an intergovernmental task force to efficiently plan for the future. 

“If people are concerned about the landfill, they should definitely come out and vote,” Stolz said.

Stolz added it would be an ideal opportunity to move the town toward “zero waste,” which is a set of strategies that minimizes waste through conscious efforts. This would include a robust recycling program, composting of waste, and more. She added that the town could start educating residents on smarter consumption habits and how to conserve waste in their daily lives. They could also create incentives for recycling to get a full buy-in from the community.

Other issues she would like to address are inefficiencies within the building department. She said residents have complained of too many restrictions on building legally, which create unnecessary barriers for homeowners. She added that the town also has “overzealous” inspectors, who bring down fines that could be harmful to average families. These fines come after establishing hard-to-follow rules, she said, adding that the process could be streamlined using technology, made easier for everyone. 

In terms of zoning, Stolz said community input is always the most important thing. She said projects like the Grove apartments in East Patchogue have been ideal, since they were called for by residents and created in collaboration with different entities, including the town. 

“The community has been striving for that,” she said.

Stolz also said the town needs to work harder at creating housing that is affordable for working people. She said that the town becomes more attractive to business when the workforce is diverse, which can’t happen if young people and people of certain industries can’t afford to live in the area. 

Stolz said the town board has a lot of ground to cover and she wants to be there to help make the town better for all families.

“If [people] aren’t happy, they should vote for change,” she said.