Ticket scam targets local theaters, patrons
A scam has targeted theaters like the Gateway and CM Performing Arts Center.

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Ticket scam targets local theaters, patrons


The CM Performing Arts Center announced a new ticketing scam that has flooded internet search engines late last week.

Fictitious second-hand ticket sales are being sold on sites to local theaters’ shows. The scam, according to CM Theatre officials, seems to be affecting the entire entertainment industry. They urged buyers to be aware and use caution when looking for tickets to theater, concert and sporting events.

“There is really nothing that can be done, because they’re all legitimate companies and there’s nothing illegal about it,” explained social media and marketing manager Brendan Noble. “However, someone is claiming to be reselling tickets in rows that don’t exist for astronomically inflated prices.”

Noble suggests that the only thing that can be done is to inform patrons to not buy through any resellers. Some of the sites he noticed were Vivid Seats, Tick Pick, Ticket City and Cheap Tickets.

Bellport’s the Gateway has also been experiencing the same issue for a number of years now. Scot Allan, director of development and public relations, said it often happens prior to big shows.

“Sites grab on to it and try to sell tickets, but you’re not going to find a better deal than our website,” he promised.

Gateway operations director Jeff Bellante explained that websites buy Google Ad Words so that when a customer searches for a show they come up ahead of the theater’s website, posing a threat to buyers.

Patrons should only purchase tickets directly from their websites, including www.CMPAC.comand www.thegateway.org.