The new age of bakeries
Centerport Hometown Bake Shop to open in New Village in Patchogue.

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The new age of bakeries


Centerport Hometown Bake Shop to open in New Village 

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The Hometown Bake Shop originated in Centerport, became a fan favorite at local farmer’s markets and now, owner and head baker Danna Abrams is opening up her second shop in Patchogue Village.

The bakery slash breakfast joint slash decadent dessert shop slash dinner-on-the-go establishment will open up in the vacated Artisan Kaiser spot at New Village as Hometown’s first south shore location.

“This is going to be an awesome addition to our downtown,” said Greater Patchogue Chamber executive director David Kennedy, anticipating their opening. “They have an amazing reputation in Centerport and hopefully they can bring some people from the north shore to Patchogue.”

Abrams, 41, grew up in Huntington, from early beginnings at the Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club, all the way to the famous Momofuko Milk Bar in Manhattan. Her talent brought her back to Long Island to help open Kerber’s Farm, and ultimately open up her own shop.

Aside from a passion for recipes, she loves family and, as a mother of three, fresh, homecooked food with fresh ingredients is important. Her slogan: “let our family do the cooking so you can enjoy precious time with yours.”

As the first person in the kitchen every day, she said most mornings start at 2:30 a.m. and as early as midnight on weekends. Her shop in Centerport has been running for about three years and she is super excited to open in Patchogue.

“I immediately fell in love with Patchogue,” she said. “The food, the people, the growth. I knew the people of Patchogue would appreciate all the love and hard work we put into everything we do.”

Menu items range in price from $3.75 for muffins and scones to $22 for pies and higher-priced bulk catering orders. The Centerport daily menu includes “bombs” bagel balls with fillings, muffins and scones, sandwiches, brownies, egg sandwiches, pies, cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Classics include pies and holiday menus. Customer favorites include the birthday cake scone, s’mores bar, chicken potpie, eggplant burratta and egg sandwiches. 

“On Sundays our customers get so creative we can hardly close the sandwiches,” she said, also noting that the scones and muffins are pushed to the limit, leaving indulgers questioning whether they could even still be called that. 

All the menu items are scratch-made fresh, with quality ingredients. Abrams and her staff of about 20 make all their breads, sauces, fillings, meats and pickled veggies.

“It’s food made by people who know that some good-quality foods at affordable prices are needed,” she said, explaining that all her recipes are from meals she grew up with, with a modern twist. “I believe in the truth of good food.”

She plans to open her Patchogue Village location this September and is currently hiring for front and back of the house. For more information or to get hungry fast, visit or follow them on Facebook.