Local hero saves a life
Anthony Maneri, FDNY firefighter and ex-chief of the Medford Fire Department, was awarded for his bravery in saving the life of a man trapped in a Brooklyn basement last summer. He stands (center) with his company and family at the Brooklyn Pier at the Brooklyn Borough Coalition.

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Local hero saves a life


FDNY firefighter and Medford resident receives prestigious medal for city rescue

The fire was blazing and a man was trapped somewhere in the basement of a home in Brooklyn. Thankfully, FDNY firefighter Anthony Maneri, 52, a resident of Medford, was there. 

Upon arrival, assigned to the irons position, he forced open the door leading to the basement and rapidly descended downstairs. He opened another door and immediately felt high heat and heavy smoke. Conditions were deteriorating as he slipped past the fire to search the rear of the basement with little left in a fellow firefighter’s water extinguisher.

Still, he pressed forward and found a door to a rear bedroom, where the victim was found unconscious in bed. He immediately dragged and untangled the victim from the bedding. Maneri recognized the condition of the victim and made the decision to limit his exposure by removing him quickly through a rear door rather than retracing his steps.

“It was an extreme situation; there was no engine on scene, [meaning] no protection from a hose line,” he said, also explaining that basement fires are often hotter, with no ventilation. 

On that day, July 28, 2018, Maneri saved a life. And for that reason, he was awarded the Chief Joseph B. Martin Medal, a donor medal awarded to a firefighter who goes above and beyond under extreme circumstances.

It was not the first time he saved a life, but certainly the most prestigious award he has been given so far, he said.

Maneri lives in Medford with his wife Dawn and two daughters Alexa and Corie. He is a member of the FDNY Ladder Company 107 and ex-chief of the Medford Fire Department.