Pat-Med Youth seeks New Years donations

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Pat-Med Youth seeks New Years donations



Patchogue-Medford Youth and Community Services recently began a benefactor program, where donors can be recognized for their contributions. It is one of the ways PMYCS has tried to bring more people into supporting the organization.

Executive director Kourtney Bevis said the organization has a need to expand, with wait lists for each of their recreation programs and an increasing request for services at Patchogue-Medford schools. The organization is currently in five out of six elementary schools and in all three middle schools.

“I’m so proud of our organizations and students who support helping others,” said superintendent of schools Dr. Michael Hynes of the partnership. “We need more civic engagement.”

In the New Year, PMYCS will also look to expand their STEM learning program, which was piloted in the fall. They are hoping to bring it to more students and more schools in 2019 and will also continue to host community service projects and provide job training and skills development for students throughout the district. 

PMYCS has also recently begun marketing their services directly to parents, with their first newsletter sent out last month. It provides information on what is going on for students and with the organization itself. It also includes an option to donate and information on how to be involved. 

“We always look to get creative and find new ways to get people into the program and support us,” Bevis said.

Increased participation numbers has caused a natural need to expand the program in 2019, Bevis said, not just because of the wait lists, but due to the constant need to reach more youth. The programs offered are often brought into the schools, as well as hosted at the Bay Avenue headquarters, where there is also a student lounge that Bevis said is a safe space for students to hang out — and get away from screens. 

All Patchogue-Medford parents should have received the newsletter that PMYCS sent out. Anyone who is interested in donating should fill out the form on the newsletter or visit