New project gives Bellport housing options
Bellport Plaza will be a multifaceted residential and commercial complex, slated for construction between 2020 and 2025.

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New project gives Bellport housing options



The 50 acres between Sunrise Highway and Woodside Avenue, and Station Road and South Village Drive, is currently planning to undergo major development, as a new housing project will take over the site. 

The Crest Group, LLC, of Port Jefferson, is investing $105 million in the construction of this project, which will bring 160 multifamily apartment units, a 106-unit planned retirement community and a 130-unit senior living facility. The project is a long-term investment, with the first phase expected to begin in early 2020 and full completion to be in early 2025. The project is expected to increase tax revenues from the site by over $1.5 million.

The northernmost end of the development will be commercial space, with different options of tenants so far.

The Greater Bellport Coalition has recently come out in support of the project, discussing it at their meeting last week after a briefing from developers. John Rogers, president of the GBC, said the project is sorely needed and that there is a desperate shortage of housing in Bellport. This project, he said, puts a dent in the number of units needed to adequately house Bellport, which he said could need almost 1300 more units by 2035. Rogers added that many of the housing needs in Bellport are for apartments rather than homes, with the ability to rent, so young people, older people, and others can stay in the area. 

The project, he said, would have a positive impact on the South Country School District, due to an increase in property tax revenue. According to the developer’s land-use application, approximately 22 school-aged children would reside in the complex. Rogers estimated that 10 percent of the complex would be considered “affordable,” while the rest will be offered at market rate.

The project has been on the Brookhaven Town Board public hearing agenda for the past few meetings, but has been adjourned each time. Councilman Michael Loguercio said the developers requested the adjournment. The next tentative hearing is scheduled for Jan. 31.