Holiday gifts from Bellport Village shops
Pictured is a gift option from Circa Something: a hand-painted ornament of Bellport landmarks by Leonardo.


Holiday gifts from Bellport Village shops




December is likely the busiest shopping month of the year, and Bellport Village has many stores that sell unique gifts and treats for the holidays — including ones you can’t find anywhere else. 

One shop that has transformed into a Christmas wonderland is Circa Something Gallery, at 139 South Country Road. The shop is wall-to-wall with vintage Christmas toys, decorations and handmade ornaments. Owners Robert Baker and his daughter Aimee Baker are obsessed with the Christmas season and enjoy putting the shop together each year. 

Handmade ornaments are their most popular recurring item; each is handmade by Aimee’s grandmother, Pierina Leonardo, who turned 99 this year. She spends hours each day painting and baking glass ornaments, large and small, that are sold in the shop at Christmastime. The most intricate are priced at $125 due to their time, size and detail, but the smaller ones are available for around $20. 

In addition to compiling items for sale, Robert Baker built an entire model train set with a winter and Christmas theme, which is on display in the shop. Even the materials used on this decorative piece are vintage, and were collected by Baker. 

Other Main Street finds

These cozy items can be found at TOLA and sport the signature Carleton brand. The hats are priced at $28 and the sweatshirt at $52. The mittens will keep your hands warm for $22, and are made by Look by M.

These gifts are available at newly opened Hue on Main Street, which are unique pieces for any home. The plants are paperwhites, which will eventually sprout into a flower, and cost $38 with the vase; the candle costs $29. 

If you want to make a bottled present seem fancier and spirited, grab these knitted bottle-covers from Copper Beech for $25.

Copper Beech is also stocked with special shortbread, with a can priced at $19.50, red holiday glasses at $25, and a white Christmas tree figurine at $40. 

Make your gifts look good on the outside with special Christmas wrapping from Bellport Arts & Framing Studio. Wrapping is $3.50 per sheet or $6 for a roll.  

You can also show your Bellport pride on your Christmas tree with these Bellport-themed ornaments. They are available from Bellport Arts & Framing Studio for $8.50 each.

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If your ideal gift is something edible, ask for these melting snowman cookies from the Cake Jar Shoppe, which recently opened on Main Street. A pack of cookies is $3.

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