Village debuts new website
Bellport Village recently debuted its new website, which can be accessed at

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Village debuts new website



The Village of Bellport website recently underwent a major overhaul, with new features, a sleek new look, and updated methods of communication. It also no longer operates under the domain, but now 

“Bellport Village…a welcoming place to live…to raise a family…to enjoy the ocean, a sail on the bay, a round of golf, a game of tennis...a place where people fall in love with their community,” reads Mayor Ray Fell’s opening message when the site is accessed.

The website, designed by Searles Graphics, a company that also created the websites for the Village of Patchogue and the Long Island Advance, features new aspects and is reorganized. You can view the weather in Bellport; get fun facts like the square mileage (1.5), the elevation (26 feet), and the population (2,066).

Deputy Mayor Joseph Gagliano oversaw the process, which has been underway since the summer but stems from a years-old need. He said “communication, communication, communication” was the most important piece to this project. 

There is a “News & Updates” section of the website with public notices and community updates, like the winners of the recent Scarecrow Contest. Visitors can also contact the village through a form on the site. All information that is entered on the site is secure, officials said, and will not be used for any other purpose. Gagliano also stressed the importance of communication in times of emergency or important updates, like during a storm, etc. 

The website also comes with updated pages for all of the village departments. For example, the page for the Building Department has options to download various forms and permits, as well as information on what is needed and when. It also provides contacts for the appropriate people within the department. Likewise, the code enforcement page provides information on rules and guidelines for village residents, as well as a list of all applicable emergency service organizations in the town, county, and state. You can also download a complaint form or house check form.

In addition to departments, visitors can see details on all of the boards that the village hosts. There is information on what each board does, who sits on the board, and when their term expires.

Recreation is also displayed on the website. Residents can see rates for the Bellport Marina and the ferry, as well as the full ferry schedule. There’s also information on tennis, golf, and the kids’ summer camp. 

Gagliano said the website is an evolution and will continue to improve every day. He said the initial release last week was a “soft entry.” One of the designers of the site said the next big feature will be a live calendar that can show all village meetings and events throughout the year. 

Another major improvement is the ability to be redirected in multiple places. In other words, there’s more than one way to see information for the Bellport Country Club. You can click the link at the bottom of the home page, under the recreation tab, on the “About” page and more. This allows for related content to be in more places throughout the website. 

Responses so far have been positive, Gagliano added. The new domain currently redirects visitors to the site.