Floyd bus debacle over

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Floyd bus debacle over


The William Floyd School District is hoping to move forward after six school days came and went with 8,000 students unable to utilize bus services. But on Monday, Sept. 17, the large bus service was restored due to a new contract with First Student Inc. 

The board will take up a resolution at the next meeting to allow all latenesses and absences for the first two weeks of school to be excused due to the lack of transportation. Superintendent Kevin Coster said the effort to revive transportation was massive and came from the ground up. 

“I am very proud to say that the lack of large school buses did not ruin the opening of the 2018 school year,” Coster said at the board of education meeting Tuesday. “I breathed a huge sigh of relief when those large buses rolled up yesterday.”

Officials said all went well on Monday when the first day of buses was implemented. 

The board approved a new contract with First Student last week, which already has a relationship with Local 252, the union that was unsatisfied with the changes brought by Acme Bus Corp., a division of Baumann & Sons Bus Co. Acme will still provide small bus and van services for the district. 

This is the second contract the district has approved this summer, after East End Bus lines backed out of their five-year agreement after two years, requesting the district pay an additional $16 million for the same services. The new contract will cost the district $1.7 million in additional funds compared to the Acme contract. The district is planning on a lawsuit against East End Bus Lines to make up for the difference in the contracts.