Rossellini to host benefit show at The Gateway
Isabella Rossellini announces a benefit show to take place at The Gateway in February.


Rossellini to host benefit show at The Gateway



Isabella Rossellini will host two performances of her one-woman show, “Link Link Circus,” in February as part of her world tour. The proceeds from the event will be donated to the Gateway Playhouse in Bellport and the Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center in Patchogue. 

Rossellini has been a resident of Bellport for over 35 years and owns a farm in Brookhaven hamlet. In addition to the performances, the actress will host a fundraising dinner at her home on Feb. 17 after the late-afternoon performance.

Since moving to the island, Rossellini has raised her family and contributed to many local causes and community efforts. Her farm includes a full vegetable garden and animals such as goats, turkeys and pigs, and now, thanks to photographer Patrice Casanova, her famed chickens.

“We have a fantastic community,” Rossellini said. “And among all the things that I love the most is the art.”

During an event presented to members of the community and Gateway board members last week, Rossellini said she approached officials from Gateway and said that she has never done a play in her hometown, and when she asked to, she was more than welcomed.

“We hope this is the beginning of a long relationship,” she said. “We hope that not only me but my friends and artists will come and use [the facilities].”

Gateway and Plaza officials have since been working with Rossellini to develop a partnership, which included a walking tour of the grounds as the Gateway prepares for its 10th annual Haunted Playhouse. Rossellini said she hopes to raise enough money to make some much-needed upgrades, but mostly to preserve the historical buildings, some of which are over 100 years old.

“Link Link Circus” is a one-woman show focused on animal behavior. Rossellini returned to school to study this subject and earned her master’s degree. She decided to make films about animals in a comical way, often with silly stories and costumes. She said she wanted to take the serious subjects she learned about in school and visualize them differently to make them fun. 

Her previous film, “Green Porno,” was about how animals reproduce and court each other. She said that “Link Link Circus” is in the same style, but will examine animal behavior “from waist up.” This show also takes a look at the link between humans and animals, first studied by Charles Darwin. Rossellini uses the example of how wolves were domesticated into dogs, and then dogs further domesticated when humans developed feelings typically reserved for babies to dogs.

Rossellini will be using two dogs for the show, one of which is her dog, Darcy, who will be performing as PAN. She said she found Darcy at a time when she was looking for a dog that she could take on the road as she traveled to perform.

“What I want the audience to get from the show is to be entertained,” she added. “My main goal is to have the audience go ‘hahahaha-ohhhh.’ That’s what I want.”

The show will travel the world in the fall, with shows in Barcelona, Athens, Belfast, Nice, and end with shows in the United States. The Gateway productions will be on Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 17 at 4 p.m. Tickets for both shows and the special dinner are on sale now at