Pop, fizz, clink! — 125th anniversary brew
A special 125th anniversary brew will be created by BrickHouse Brewery in collaboration with Blue Point Brewery to be featured at the Long Island Advance’s Village of Patchogue 125th anniversary birthday party on Sept. 13 at 89 North and Main Street restaurants. Pictured are master brewer Paul Komsic and assistant brewer Brian Smith.


Pop, fizz, clink! — 125th anniversary brew


BrickHouse Brewery in collaboration with Blue Point Brewery have joined forces with the Village of Patchogue 125th anniversary committee and the Long Island Advance to create a special batch of Pop, Fizz, Clink, a 125th anniversary brew, in celebration of the village.

The special brew will not only be served at interested village restaurants, but also will be featured at the Long Island Advance’s 125th anniversary Village of Patchogue Birthday Party at 89 North on Thursday, Sept. 13. Tickets are on sale now for $35 and can be purchased at the Advance, located at 20 Medford Avenue, or online at https://tinyurl.com/125AnniversaryParty.

“We’re so excited to partner with the first brewery in Patchogue to commemorate Patchogue’s anniversary,” said Terry Tuthill, associate publisher of the Long Island Advance. “I can’t wait to taste it!”

According to BrickHouse master brewer Paul Komsic, starting next week the special batch will take approximately three weeks to brew and ferment. It will include German pilsner, creating a light malt beer with a crisp flavor. He said he would also be adding champagne yeast in the fermenting process to create a really dry champagne ester with a high carbonation level to add to the champagne essence in celebration of 125 years of incorporation.

The batch will start out in the masteron by soaking the grains in hot water, basically converting the starches into sugars. At that point hops and spices will be added to the sweet barley tea in the kettle stage before being transferred to the fermenter. Then yeast will be added, converting the sugars into alcohol during a few-week process, before consumption.

The only detail left to be decided, Komsic said, is what fruits will be added to the batch as an extra depth of flavor. He suggested seasonal peaches and blackberries might be used from a local farm in Wading River. Also, all the spent grains from the process will be collected and taken to Double D Ranch in Manorville by the Town of Brookhaven as part of the Brew to Moo program.

Once complete, a total of about 18-20 kegs will be available for sale. A restaurant committee meeting was held yesterday to determine which restaurants were interested in serving it. As of press time, the brew will certainly be available at the BrickHouse. The brew will also be available at select restaurants accompanied by a 125th anniversary glass on and after Sept. 15, at a price to be determined.

Anniversary committee member and chamber of commerce executive director David Kennedy said a lot of the restaurants have been interested in serving the special brew. “Patchogue is one of the leaders on Long Island in craft beer and it’s nice to make this a featured part of celebrating our history,” he said.

Komsic, who has been a Patchogue resident for about six years, has worked at the brewery for about eight and has been master brewer for two and a half, said he is excited about this batch, despite making special brews almost weekly.

“I am excited to brew with Blue Point, this will be our first collaboration with them,” he said. “It’s always fun working with other brewers and it’s great that we are able to do this as Long Island’s oldest brewery.”

The brew will be made completely on-site at the BrickHouse, which opened in 1996 as one of Patchogue Village’s first Main Street restaurants since the revitalization. The first taste will be available during the Advance’s Sept. 13 party. 

Tickets are currently on sale now for $35, which includes live music, an open bar and Taste of Patchogue. The event will take place on Sept. 13 at 89 North Music Venue from 6-10 p.m. Visit https://tinyurl.com/125AnniversaryParty or to purchase tickets. Tickets can also be purchased at the Long Island Advance, located at 20 Medford Avenue, Patchogue, during normal business hours.