South Country takes BOE meetings live
The South Country Board of Education will now livestream their meetings.


South Country takes BOE meetings live




The South Country School District recently created a livestreaming option for residents to watch board of education meetings online. The feature, which is hosted via YouTube, allows for live viewing of meetings and creates an archive that can be accessed at any time. The Port Jefferson School District also has livestreaming of board meetings available online. 

Superintendent Joseph Giani, board president Cheryl Felice and other board members spearheaded the initiative. Christine Flynn, district clerk for South Country Schools, said the board members had received feedback from residents who would like to be more informed but have conflicts with the meeting times. The only additional cost associated with the new program was the camera purchased for broadcasting. The system will be monitored and run by Scott Warmbrand, network systems administrator for the district. 

“We’re really excited for it being out there and reaching more people,” Flynn said. 

The district has posted links to the streaming channel on Facebook and and is working to promote the new program to parents and community members. It can also be accessed directly from YouTube by searching South Country Central School District. People can also access the stream directly from the South Country Schools website by clicking the YouTube icon at the top right corner.