East Patchogue car dealership vacates
After Famiglia Motors vacated the property located across from Swan Cleaners on Montauk Highway in East Patchogue, the county and town have expressed interest in preserving the property.


East Patchogue car dealership vacates


The Famiglia Motors property, formerly Taillight Motors, located at 550 East Main Street in East Patchogue, has been cleared of all operations as of mid-July. Legis. Rob Calarco (D-Patchogue) said Suffolk County has been interested in acquiring that property for preservation since requesting to purchase it back in 2012. However, at that time, the property owner was not interested in selling and declined an appraisal.

He said he hopes the owner of the property has since changed his mind, being that the property has been vacated, and instructed the county planning department to reach out to the owner.

According to the Town of Brookhaven and county, the land is about a quarter-acre zoned J2-Business from the curb cut, half the parking lot and up to the Brookhaven Town Preserve. The current owner of that parcel is listed as Carcat Real Estate Corp. The neighboring about 4-acre parcel that goes behind and next to the old car dealership contains about half the parking lot to Chapel Avenue down to the railroad track; the Russo family, Harbor Cove Restaurant, the former owners of Harbor Side Restaurant across the street, are listed as the owners. 

Calarco said he became interested in both properties just after entering office, about six years ago, and passed legislation approving appraisal steps for both parcels. However, due to the property owners both declining to sell, an appraisal determining the price was never done. 

“A used car dealership is less than ideal right on the river squeezed between the preserve and county park to the north,” Calarco said of why he wants to acquire the lot in an effort to both protect the river and clean up the East Patchogue stretch of Montauk Highway. “It would be a really nice acquisition to add into our holdings down there with an added green space.”

According to the county, both property owners have issued letters as of this week and if either or both express interest in selling, Calarco said he would not have to refile a resolution and the appraisal process could begin.

However, according to the owners of Famiglia Motors, they were instructed to vacate the property by the landlord/property owner Carmine Puleo, who is listed as Carcat Real Estate Corp. with the town. Puleo confirmed sale negotiations and said he was not interested in selling his property to the county for the price they are looking to purchase it for. Famiglia Motors hopes to move to a new location. Puleo refused to comment further.

At one point, about two or three years ago, councilman Neil Foley said Carcat Corp. approached the town board looking to add to their operations. The town, he said, expressed interest in preserving a portion of the land at that time, but the deal fell through. 

“We would still be interested in purchasing that property for open space,” he said. “It would be a wonderful complement to our preserve and a nice asset to East Patchogue.”

Kevin McGiff, Focus East Patchogue vice president and owner of Swan Cleaners, said his group has been interested in cleaning out that property for a few years now and hopes to see the acquisition finally happen.

“We are looking for it to basically become an extension of the county and town properties to help the river and make it look nicer,” he said. “Though I hate to see a small business go out of business, this would help the whole area by making it that much more beautiful.”