Pre-fab parking garage an option
The Village of Patchogue is looking into prefabricated parking garages as a possibility at the county court lot on west Main Street.

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Pre-fab parking garage an option



Mayor Paul Pontieri recently indicated that the Village of Patchogue is looking into the cost of a prefabricated parking garage for the Suffolk County Sixth District Court lot on West Main Street.

“We are looking for the least expensive way to build a parking garage with the longest life expectancy,” he said, stating that the existing meter fund budget would support the purchase.

If installed, one deck would be constructed to start with the foundation in place to add additional decks in the future. Each deck, according to Pontieri, would store about 180 parking spots, all to be metered in an effort to essentially pay for itself through an approximate 20-year bond.

“It will not cost the taxpayers,” Pontieri said, assuring that the money to fund the project would come directly from parking. He said he anticipates the garage will generate about $150,000 to 175,000 a year.

He estimated the initial cost at about $7 million; each additional deck would then cost less, with the anticipation of adding one or two more. The idea of a Main Street parking garage came out earlier this year, referencing the county lot as the perfect location. According to Pontieri, the original estimated cost of a non-prefabricated garage was about 25 to 30 percent higher.

Currently, Pontieri said, the village is waiting to hear back from the county about the use of the property. Once the property is acquired — either through an inter-municipal agreement, subdivision or lease — the project can be designed and will go to BID. Construction, Pontieri said, could take up to a year or so to begin.

According to the county, the discussions are currently in the law department working out the possibility of a subdivision. Legis. Rob Calarco (D-Patchogue) said it is something the county is very interested in working on with the village and the land would essentially be their contribution to the project. The details of the project would ultimately be left to the village to decide, however, he said he hopes it will look aesthetically pleasing.

“It will have some sort of skin to make it look like a building or have some kind of design on it,” assured Pontieri, also hoping to make it look visually pleasing.

The prefab option, Pontieri said, is also much quicker and will be less intrusive, meaning the lot will be laid up for a much shorter period of time. Once completed, the parking garage would be open to the public and those visiting the courthouse for free during the day and metered parking would go into effect after 6 p.m.