Fireworks by Grucci : More to come this weekend
Phil Grucci, CEO of Fireworks by Grucci Inc., and his son Christopher and nephew Corey Grucci planned a spectacular Fourth of July with several displays and more to come this weekend.

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Fireworks by Grucci : More to come this weekend


Fourth of July has come and gone, but not for Phil Grucci, CEO/creative director of Fireworks by Grucci Inc., who still has a weekend packed with events to come.

“We are very busy this time of year. When the Fourth ends up mid-week, we are busy the weekend before and after,” he said of the holiday.

This Independence Day, Grucci and his team of about 400 pyrotechnicians will be spread as far north as Boston, Mass., and as far south as Hawaii and the Florida Gulf. He and his wife Debbie and daughter Lauren, company photographer/pyrotechnician, celebrated in Boston directing the large performance. His son Christopher, a sixth-generation Grucci, celebrated at the Statue of Liberty at the Hudson River State Park, and his nephew Corey Grucci, also a sixth-generation Grucci and personnel manager, celebrated close to home at Bald Hill after coordinating all operations in the studio. “The Fourth of July season is like our World Series. This is our time to perform in front of so many people around the country to celebrate our independence,” said Corey Grucci of the massive undertaking.

Fireworks by Grucci is and always has been located in Bellport, with manufacturing facilities in upstate New York and Virginia. “We will always stay in the Bellport area,” Phil Grucci said, proud of his roots. In addition to large, professional firework displays done across the world, Grucci also manufactures explosives for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Planning for the Fourth of July begins as soon as the last one ends, he explained, with display design and preparing products. Over 57 Grucci Fourth of July displays have already taken place this year, in Bayside, Bronx, New York City, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Orient, Southampton, Pennsylvania, Oakdale, Boston, the Bahamas, Florida, Montauk and more. Still to come are four more events this weekend: July 7 at the City of Muncie, Ind., Shelter Island and the Tropicana Resorts and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. as well as a private performance. Most events are free and open to the public.

“We had a lot of shows on Long Island this week; the big ones were at Eisenhower Park for the TD Bank Celebrate America show and at Bald Hill,” Grucci added. “We are certainly very proud to be here on Long Island and have the opportunity to entertain people. We must always remember what we are celebrating — our independence — but to also be able to captivate people for 20 minutes is special. They can enjoy a moment and forget their troubles while watching the show with their friends and family, which is something we sometimes take for granted.” 

“Growing up a Grucci, you have pyrotechnics running through your veins. I love this business and working side by side with my family makes it that much sweeter,” added Christopher Grucci. “For my family and our administrative and pyrotechnic teams, this is a very busy time of year for us, but playing a part in the celebration of our independence is motivational and such an honor.”

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