Ampersand- Patchogue’s newest marketing firm
Jerome Morello (left center) and Steve Marran (right center) have opened up Patchogue’s newest advertising and marketing firm above J Signs. Also pictured are Morgan Marran and Dexter Dible.


Ampersand- Patchogue’s newest marketing firm



Steve Marran and Jerome Morello, of J Signs, have known each other since kindergarten, growing up near and on Bay Avenue and graduating from Patchogue-Medford High School in 1983.

Morello went on to take over his father’s ever-growing, high-tech sign business and Marran went on to a successful career in New York City advertising. But still, Marran said, they always had the idea to open up their own local agency.

Things never seemed to fall into place, that is, until last March. At that time, Marran and Morello also brought in some young blood, as in their third partner/creative director Dexter Dible, who also brought in the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce as his client.

“What happened was a lot of my [J Signs’] clients were asking about social media, web and marketing, but even though we changed our name to J Signs and Advertising, we ended up giving a lot of business to other companies,” explained Morello. “We were missing the boat on opportunity.”

“J Signs works with really big companies, but at the end of the day, all they can really offer is a logo and a sign,” Marran added.

In addition to Marran, Morello and Dible, about a handful of employees are starting to facilitate projects, as well as newly hired employee Morgan Marran, Steve Marran’s daughter, and some freelancers.

Potential clients are asked to visit the office for a 15-minute presentation and discussion about their business and then can later decide whether or not they are interested. 

“It’s a quick, 15-minute consultation about who we are and what we can do for you,” Marran explained.

Ampersand, which is the logogram ‘&,’ was chosen for their agency’s name, he said, because it represents old-school agencies that used legacy names that might not even exist anymore. The symbol, he said, makes it more about the clients and the business and less about the people who might come and go.

The new business offers companies everything from logo design, positioning, web and social media development to video productions and public relations, as well as “one price” starter marketing kits for start-up small businesses.

Those interested in Ampersand’s services should visit their website or call 631-228-8898 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

“Or come by and say hello. We’re booking appointments now and not saying no to anyone, because you never know where things lead,” added Marran.

Ampersand is currently located above J Signs at 12 Highland Avenue in Patchogue.