Moviemakers take to Patchogue—Long Island Advance to serve as set
Local filmmakers Mike Tuite and Jimmy Kelly look to shoot their 15-minute, $30,000 short in Patchogue.


Moviemakers take to Patchogue—Long Island Advance to serve as set



Local moviemakers have eyes set on the Village of Patchogue for filming their recently budgeted, 15-minute short film “Polybius,” an urban legend about a girl who describes strange events surrounding an arcade game and her brother’s death to a local sheriff. In particular, the Long Island Advance building located on Route 112 in Patchogue will serve as one of the selected locations.

Jimmy Kelly, director, co-writer and co-producer from Mt. Sinai, is known in the local film community for his work at Artspace, as the president and CEO of Fight On Entertainment. He plans to shoot scenes of his short, co-written by writer Mike Tuite, currently living in Yaphank, later this month. 

The search is currently on for extras dressed in 1980 time-period clothing, food sponsors from local restaurants and venues to help feed the cast and crew, a hotel for one of the stars of the film and cars from the ‘80s to be used as background. All sponsors will be given on-screen credit as well as a copy of the completed project, to be submitted to local genre film festivals and as high-reaching as Sundance.

Tuite originally wrote a rough draft of “Polybius” back in 2016, joined forces with Kelly and soon won best unproduced short at the New York City Horror Film Festival. After developing other ideas, the team was finally able to make the script into a movie with the arrival of a $30,000 budget from an investor.

“It’s a period piece, so that means a higher budget than most short films,” explained Kelly. The duo has also created another experimental, low-budget film together and worked on commercials for a local law firm, Gruenberg Kelly Della. But this will be their first project of this scale.

Kelly is a North Carolina film school graduate with director disciplines under his belt and a $10,000 feature film already produced. Tuite is a self-proclaimed film nerd and Suffolk County Community College film school grad.

So far, about 75 percent of the crew and cast have been selected and now location scouting and schedule managing has been underway. Target shoot dates, according to Kelly, should take place Memorial Day weekend.

The ultimate goal, he said, is to submit to the Sundance, Tribeca and Toronto film festivals and eventually get the backing to create a feature-wide screenplay off the stand-alone short film and to hopefully show it locally, where it was made — in Patchogue.

“We are so grateful to be able to shoot in Patchogue,” Kelly said. “The community has done a good job at propelling different art forms, but film isn’t one of them. We just haven’t gotten there yet. I want to bring film to Patchogue and Long Island.”

“The community is just really growing and evolving,” added Tuite. “It’s a cool place. Business owners and the community really want to work with you.  They don’t just see what’s in front of them, but they look further to the growth of their community.”

Those interested in sponsoring the film, donating anything ‘80s, or becoming an extra should contact Kelly via email at