UPDATED: $30,000 for arts in Patchogue
Patchogue Arts Council was awarded $30,000 in county funding to support two cultural arts projects.

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UPDATED: $30,000 for arts in Patchogue


On March 6, the Suffolk County Legislature voted to authorize a $25,000 destination downtown grant and a $5,000 cultural arts grant be awarded to the Patchogue Arts council for two projects. Deputy presiding officer Rob Calarco (D-Patchogue) made the announcement earlier this week.

“This will drive tourism to the area and further enhance Patchogue’s status as a cultural arts hub in Suffolk County,” he said.

PAC president Lori Devlin, who helped facilitate the grant writing, said the funding would be used to support PAC’s annual event, which will run May through October at multiple venues in downtown Patchogue. Last year’s “Summer of Love” was a successful event, she said, after being moved from the fall to the spring, and received the same $25,000 funding. This year’s theme, “E Pluribus Unum,” (“From many, one”) she hopes will be just as, if not more, successful. The Arts on Terry signature contemporary arts fair event within “E Pluribus Unum” has also been moved to later in the spring on June 24, in hopes of better weather and due to inclement weather in the past. The funding, Devlin explained, has enabled PAC to rent larger street tents encompassing Terry Street, rather than little popup tents.

Also part of the summer-to-fall-long project will be galleries, exhibits and multiple other events, including the repainting of the much-loved “Summer of Love” mural on the back of the Patchogue-Medford Library to fit the new theme. That project, as well as events within the entire “E Pluribus Unum” project, has recently been sent out as a call to artists.

The additional $5,000 was also awarded to PAC to fund "2018 imPACtful Connections: Island-Wide Networking for Creative.” It will be used, according to Devlin, to support a second event event to be called Slide Slam, allowing over 100 local artists to exhibit their works digitally to be reviewed by a panel of artists and later chosen for various gallery locations through five sessions throughout the year.

The program, according to Beth Giacummo, executive director of PAC, started at the Islip Art Museum during her time there and was also supported by a Suffolk County grant. This year will mark the first time bringing it to PAC. “I'm so excited to continue it through PAC. It's a project that means a lot to me,” she said. “Currently, I am trying to book all the locations and lock down the dates.”

“Patchogue continues to grow as a cultural destination of Suffolk County and I am proud to support that by helping to fund projects like these,” added Calarco.

Devlin is also the appointee for the 7th Legislative District to the Citizen’s Advisory Board that recommended the grants. "Patchogue is fortunate to have many talented individuals who have given so much of their time and energy over the years to create a supportive environment for the arts,” she continued. “Without the support of Suffolk County through their cultural arts funding, it would not have been possible to achieve the current level of success."