Food as art and art as food
The Chocolate Martin Lover


Food as art and art as food




Some food is so beautiful you don’t want to eat it, but within seconds the smell and color overwhelm resistance and the devouring begins. Such an experience can be had at Bar A Dessert, the Asian fusion dessert bar located at 38 South Ocean Avenue in Patchogue. 

Before the artful desserts arrived, I was already enticed by the playful and artistic décor created by Fashion Institute of Technology graduate Jungle Fu. I was greeted by proprietor Ansen Wang, who is a partner in Taiko 360, a Japanese restaurant almost directly across the street. He introduced me to the chef, Anan Tiwadon, as his “teacher and culinary master.” Tiwadon started his career at the Four Seasons in Singapore and has more recently worked with restaurants in Syosset, Commack and Smithtown. 

Every dessert is made to order. There is a quicker take-out menu, but if you occupy one of the 20 seats and order the homemade chocolate lava cake plate, you can anticipate a 10-minute wait, since the cake is not placed in the oven until it is ordered. There is an excellent array of coffees and other drinks to enjoy while you wait.

You may wish to get a napkin in case you begin to drool a bit, since I am about to describe some of the items that appear on some of the many offerings: One plate called the Chocolate Martin Lover includes a chocolate mousse tower containing a chocolate waffle and a chocolate brownie separated by hazelnut cream, all topped with a football-shaped scoop of vanilla ice cream. The plate also includes an almond flour, butter and sugar tart shell filled with mango and passion fruit curd. Another item on the plate is a miniature wafer cone filled with chocolate cream and resting on a disk of chocolate brûlée. The plate is garnished with dollops of green tea cream, crushed cookies and fresh micro leaves of mint. 

Other items on the menu include a hollowed-out piece of toasted brioche bread filled with toasted marshmallows, fresh banana, mochi (Japanese rice cake pounded into a paste, flavored and molded into small cubes), red bean paste and green tea cream garnished with fresh berries.

There is also a Thai made-to-order dessert comprised of ice cream rolled into spiral cylinders and garnished with toppings of your choosing.

Items made from high-quality ingredients that involve intensive preparation are not inexpensive. Dessert plates range from $8 to $15. Ice cream and some take-out items are less. Remember to take a photo of your dessert as soon as it arrives. Share the photo with your friends, because the dessert will be devoured within minutes. Go where you will for Valentine’s Day dinner, but bring your loved one here for dessert. n