A place for inner healing
Tranquility Within owner Dawn Schultzer recently opened her gift shop and plans to open the rest of the holistic center in January.


A place for inner healing



After beginning a healing journey of her own, Shirley local Dawn Schultzer decided to leave her 20-year accounting career to become her own boss.

Schultzer, 45, said the idea for Tranquility Within, now located at 64 West Main Street in Patchogue, the former Patchogue Picture Framing studio, was to open people up to inner healing of their own, whatever path they are currently on.

She opened up shop last month on Black Friday, since purchasing the building back in 2015. “I believe things happen when you’re ready,” she said when asked what took so long to open. Currently, only the front gift shop space is open for business while the rest of the 3,300-square-foot building is being completed before opening for holistic healing services including Reiki, hypnotherapy, massage, acupuncture and yoga.

The gift shop, opened just in time for the holidays with giftable items available such as Kenya carved inspirational soapstones, Zen gardens, tarot cards, and crystal jewelry. The rest of the space includes five meditation rooms for guided meditations, two private meditation rooms, three rooms for holistic practitioners, a large space for yoga, a customer lounge, a gift shop and a space for the kids with a babysitter, bathroom and a one-way mirror for parents. All the private rooms are also outfitted with hotel door locks for privacy and the yoga space has peaceful vaulted ceilings and a skylight. Every Saturday, she said, there will be a community meditation. Services will begin in January.

Schultzer grew up in New Jersey and currently lives in Shirley with her three children aged 9, 11 and 13, who all attend the William Floyd School District. Her ex-husband, David Schultzer, owns Bellport Cold Beer and Soda.

During her career as a CPA, she decided to open up her own accounting firm but soon recognized it wasn’t the path she wanted. So, she looked to her passion for answers.

“Meditation and inner healing is something I love to do. I transformed my life listening to guided meditation, so I thought why not open my own metaphysical store with a yoga facility,” she said. 

Coming to Patchogue, she said, was a no-brainer, being that it was not only within driving distance from her home and family but because of the success of the neighborhood.

The name, she said, came from a list of words she wrote down and after weeks of staring at them, her mother came up with Tranquility Within. Immediately, she hated it. But then the more she thought about it, she began to love it. “I love it. It’s not only tranquility from within you but also within my store,” she said.

This week, Schultzer plans to interview yoga instructors to fill a number of time slots for both private and group sessions. For now, she has a few sales associates and an energy healer.

“I don’t stress about it,” she said calmly. “I trust in the spirits to bring me the people I need. I know I will have great yoga instructors and I know I will have great practitioners.”

Energy healer Lisa LoBosco said she has been helping out with the front of the store patiently waiting to begin practicing. She offers energy modalities, Reiki, crystal and past life aggression healing, among other services. LoBosco said she has been healing since 2013 after learning in Brazil and becoming a Reiki master and certified healer.

“I want to help people heal and balance their mind, body and spirit,” she said. “This is going to be a great healing center and place for inner wellness.”

Sales Associate Melanie Worthy, 21, agreed. She said she enjoys working in such a comfortable atmosphere and aspires to open a similar business in the future.

Since purchasing the building, Schultzer completely renovated the space by replacing the floors, walls, plumbing, electric and even uncovering some brick behind the counter for a rustic touch. The upstairs space she uses as an office.

The entire facility will be open come January. Packages are currently 25 percent off for those interested in preregistering for classes through Dec. 31. Also on sale are gift cards. Bookings will be available online and in-store. For more information, visit www.Tranquilitywithin.com or the Tranquility Within Patchogue Facebook page.

“I built this place to provide people with a place to grow their inner wellness and inner peace,” she added. “I feel like most people can use a little more happiness, wellness and relaxation.”