South Country Road reconstruction project
A total of $600K has been secured for the design of the second phase of the South County Road reconstruction project from Bellport Village to Brookhaven hamlet.


South Country Road reconstruction project


Earlier this month, the Suffolk County Legislature voted to appropriate $600K to begin Phase Two of the South Country Road reconstruction project. The resolution to enable the county to procure services of a consultant-engineering firm to provide a survey and design to construct the road from Academy Lane in Bellport Village to Montauk Highway in Brookhaven hamlet was approved as of Oct. 3. 

Phase Two, according to Legis. Kate Browning (WF), who secured the federal funding, has been a long time coming, as Phase One, the reconstruction of the western portion of South Country Road from Bellport Village to East Patchogue, was completed several years ago. 

The second half of the project will include new drainage systems, new curbing and sidewalks in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as a total evaluation of the traffic signal system at the intersection of County Road 36 (Station Road and Bellport Lane) and Beaver Dam Road and Montauk Highway, with upgrading signal equipment, paving markings and signs, as needed.

“They will also look at all the sidewalks and repair any damage throughout the years from tree and root damage,” Mayor Ray Fell said, excited for the project. “I think they will put some sidewalks in as well near the high school. That would be great for the kids who walk to school and to and from the village. We are so thrilled this project was approved and can’t wait to have the road resurfaced.” 

According to SC Department of Public Works chief engineer William Hillman, the ADA-compliant sidewalks and curbing at the eastern edge of Bellport Village on Beaver Dam Road to the Bellport High School will be part of the first portion of the federal funding, which will come in the amount of $1.5 million and be dispersed in 2020. Construction on the sidewalk and curbing, he said, should begin shorty after.

Then, he explained, in subsequent years the remaining $5 million will be dispersed to the county for the road paving, drainage repairs and reconstruction work. As of now, an RFP will be issued for the design portion of the project. The entire project will cost somewhere upwards of $6 million.

“We’re a few years from shovel in ground,” said Browning. “But hopefully, the added curbing, medians, guardrails and sidewalks for the high school students will improve safety along that road.”