Food Done It?
Suspects created by a DreamWorks artist for the puzzle food tour.

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Food Done It?


Partners in business and life, Elizabeth Poretsky and Kevin Hindley of East Patchogue, have created a whole new concept of dining with a puzzle-based Patchogue Main Street food tour called Food Done It?

This will be the couple’s first business endeavor together in hopes of providing a food tour with a twist for people just looking to get out and have some fun. Poretsky grew up in Nassau County. Hindley grew up in Colorado. Poretsky, 40, is a teacher at Longwood Middle School and foodie, and Hindley, 38, works in automation and security for Best Buy and loves puzzles.

“We combined my love for food and his love for puzzles and discovered something brand new that has never been done before,” Poretsky explained.

And so a food tour, bar crawl and scavenger hunt were created, where participants can unlock clues and solve puzzles to find the next hidden venue while enjoying fare of each chef’s discretion. 

The plotline, Hindley explained, is someone stole an engagement ring and participants must find clues to find it before his proposal is ruined. To Poretsky’s surprise, last Wednesday when they had their first test run, the storyline turned into reality. Hindley bent the knee and popped the question after solving the puzzle and finding the ring. She said yes. 

“Elizabeth was so passionate about this idea and we would spend so much time brainstorming ideas,” he said, excited to make it reality. “We don’t even really know when the idea crossed the line between just having some fun and becoming something we actually wanted to pursue.”

After researching food tours and getting venues on board, four restaurants, one retail store, and two sweet stops have agreed to participate in the “Cupcake Conundrum” tour. Chef-featured dishes and tastings are paid by PDI at each location but “investigators” are responsible for their own drinks. PeraBell will serve as the first stop in the series and from there investigating participants are required to use their smartphones as a guide. Each solved puzzle unlocks the next location.

Though drinks are not included, participating venues have come up with drink special puzzles of their own to add to the fun.

Depending on the success of the event, they said, they will consider opening the puzzle tours at other locations than just Main Street in Patchogue and possibly create some events such as a singles night.

“We really take pride in making all the puzzles ourselves and we also tried to make it family-friendly; that’s why we didn’t included alcohol and drive the ticket price up,” she added. “We are really looking forward to branching out to different main streets and really growing.”

Bookings opened last night, Wednesday, Aug. 30. There is a minimum party of two and maximum of about eight to 10. Each booking has their own private food tour strategically separated from other participants – done not to spoil the fun. Tickets will range somewhere between $50-60 per person – tips and drinks are not included. For more information or to book a reservation, visit their website at or their Facebook page.