Medford FD equipped with pet lifesaving equipment
A photo of the masks in three sizes stocked at the Medford Fire Department.

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Medford FD equipped with pet lifesaving equipment


For years, the Medford Fire Department has equipped their trucks with a special tool to save pets’ lives. Recently, the firefighters renewed their stock and also received a donation of three sets of specially designed pet oxygen masks from the Canine Company.

Each set includes three sizes for a wide range of pets — from small mammals to giant-breed dogs — that connect to standard oxygen tanks the rescue teams carry.

The equipment, Canine Company spokesperson Deb Bennetts said, helps to resuscitate pets rescued during house fires.

Captain Mike Barry requested the donation after learning about Canine Company’s campaign to get the lifesaving masks into the hands of firefighters and other first responders in communities.

Chief Anthony Maneri said human masks are shaped differently and are difficult to fit on the longer snout of an animal. The specialized equipment, he explained, easily fits over the animal’s mouth and nose and creates suction so that oxygen blows into its face.

More often than thought, animals suffer from smoke inhalation. According to the company, family pets are at risk because they are unable to leave the house. An estimated 40,000 die each year from smoke inhalation.

Just last month, Maneri said, his firefighters responded to a fire on Middle Island Avenue in Medford and used the mask on a large-breed dog. “They are used often; more than you think, dogs and cats are pulled from house fires,” he said.

“They are a great asset,” he added. “Pets don’t stand smoke as well as people do and do go down quick.”

The company, located in Connecticut, also donates a free “Pets Inside” decal that families can place on a front door or window. To request a decal, go to

For information, visit or call 800-818-3647.