Tax map reflects current zoning; budget hearing set
Patchogue Village Hall

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Tax map reflects current zoning; budget hearing set


A partnership with Suffolk County will make it easier to view Patchogue Village zoning changes on the county’s tax map, an initiative long overdue.

The Patchogue Village board voted to adopt the county zoning map, which now reflects current zoning designations, at Monday night’s meeting.

“The zones updated were not reflected on the old tax map,” explained village attorney Brian Egan of the individual parcels. 

Egan conducted the initial reviews of the changes and the final review of the maps of dedicated roadways.

“It will help with planning in the future because it more finely details development patterns and the impact on surrounding properties,” Egan said. “There were new zoning districts adopted since the last zoning map update that would include New Village, the DRD district and the assisted living project on Main Street.”

Preparation began well over a year ago, said village planning and zoning coordinator Carol Giglio. 

“There’s a cabinet in the village clerk’s office with a resolutions file and I went through the years to find properties that were changed or rezoned,” said Giglio of the dogged task. “I compiled resolutions over the last 20 years.” Giglio said it hadn’t been on the village’s radar at that time, but she knew it was an update that was needed. So she concentrated on it between projects and during slow periods.

“Steve Keegan was the mayor when it was last updated,” she said. 

The resolutions were then handed over to Community Development executive director Marian Russo. Russo poured over them and met with the chairs of planning John Rocco and Nick Fuccillo, as well as Egan, Giglio and senior building inspector Peter Sarich to double-check the changes made over the years, matching them up to the tax map and making sure the tax map number was correct with the zoning change. 

Russo estimated there were 30 actual tax lots that needed updating on the map. “It may be more,” she said. “Every new development has been implemented. We supplied the information, but the county did the work on getting it on the tax map and it was a great savings and benefit to us.”

The county tax map with village updating will be available online in about a week, Russo said.

The board also voted to set a budget hearing for Wednesday, April 12 at 5 p.m., as well as an alternate date, April 18, at the same time.