Possible ‘Princeton Plan’ plan for Pat-Med
Patchogue- Medford Board of Education Building

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Possible ‘Princeton Plan’ plan for Pat-Med


This week’s board of education meeting for the Patchogue-Medford School District presented the first of several plans that could potentially help shape the district in a dynamically different way.

At Monday night’s meeting, the first committee of a soon-to-be long process took the floor to discuss what they call the Princeton Plan. The plan is one of three so far that will address four major concerns the community and district are facing: class size, number of traveling teachers between schools, offering of bilingual classes at all seven elementary schools rather than three, and availability of special education programs.

The Innovative Structural Configuration Committee consisted of eight members, who discussed the Patchogue-Medford plan for personalized education. This plan, if put into place, could change the way Pat-Med students are divided up. 

The Princeton Plan does not use geographic lines to place students but instead puts kids of the same age together in one place; for example, kindergarten through second grade would be in one building, then grades three through five in another before they move on to middle school and high school.

This proposal broke down how the plan could help the above concerns, but Superintendent Dr. Michael Hynes said that this process is still in its infancy.

“Nothing is happening just yet,” he said. “We’re just getting ideas.”

Hynes added that another committee would be presenting a different proposal in May and the board will eventually vote on which options — including that of keeping the district as is with no changes — early next year. Once more information is available and all proposals are given, he will encourage community members and parents to voice their opinions and concerns regarding each presented plan.

Hynes said that right now, his main job is to make sure the board has all the information they need and to make sure the community has a say.

The main goal of any proposal that is given, he said, is to make Pat-Med the best district it can be. 

“Right now, those four structural barriers are not optimizing the potential of our great school district,” he said. n

Pat-Med board proposes budget

The Patchogue-Medford school board proposed a $3,789,266 budget Monday night, representing a $3,789,266 budget-to-budget increase of 3.73 percent, or $6,617,237. The district’s tax cap is 3.6 percent; the tax levy-to-levy increase is 3.6 percent. 

-Linda Leuzzi