An Evening with LeAnn Rimes… and a Q&A with her, too
LeAnn Rimes

Photo by Steven Sebring

An Evening with LeAnn Rimes… and a Q&A with her, too



At just 13 years old, LeAnn Rimes became a national name with her critically acclaimed album, “Blue.” It reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s country albums chart for over three months, which also led her to be the youngest Grammy winner for best new artist at only 14.

Throughout her exciting career, she released 42 singles that we still hear on the radio today, including “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” from the 2000 flick, “Coyote Ugly,” and “How Can I Live.”

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of “Blue” and to celebrate, the country artist has been touring the U.S., and world, playing some of her favorite songs that we have all come to love. Her latest tour will feature the classics and new songs off her latest album, “Remnants,” released just last month. 

Rimes will be performing at the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts on Friday, March 17. To celebrate her upcoming show, the Long Island Advance asked her what it’s really like to perform at a community theatre, as she got ready for her intimate show, “An Evening With LeAnn Rimes.”

Long Island Advance: Tell me about your latest tour. What can fans expect when you come to Long Island? 

LeAnn Rimes: I am adding some of some of my favorite songs from my new album ‘Remnants.’ I will sing lots of the hits, but I am also rearranging a few of the fan favorites into new grooves. I also like reaching back into my catalog and adding some deep track favorites to reintroduce to the show as well.  I am very excited for people to see it all.

LIA: Patchogue is a tight-knit community with a local theatre that a lot of people from town visit regularly. What is it like to perform at a local theatre compared to a stadium?

LAR: I love performing in an intimate setting. That is what I love about this tour. You get the opportunity to really connect to your fans in way that you can’t do in a massive stadium or arena.  

LIA: Patchogue is also known for having a big arts and music community. What’s your advice for the local musicians who are trying to make it big?

LAR: Be careful what you wish for! (Laughs) It takes a lot of hard work, be persistent and fight for what you want as an artist, but above all, surround yourself with positive people who truly support you and want the best for you and enjoy the moment. Sometimes you get so in the groove of working a million miles a minute, you forget to enjoy the process. Cherish the ride.

LIA: For your show on March 17, what are you looking forward to the most while you’re performing and visiting Long Island?

LAR: Seeing the fans and sharing my new music with them! I usually don’t have too much time to enjoy the city as much as I would like when I am on tour, but if schedules allow, I would love to try some fun restaurants and see some of the hot spots in town.

LIA: I know your last album just came out, but what else is on the horizon for you?

LAR: There is always something going on! (Laughs) I will be touring the U.S. throughout the year and I am honored to be accepting the Ally of Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign later this month in Nashville, and a few other things on the horizon that will be announced soon, so stay tuned!  

The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are on sale at the Patchogue Theatre box office, by phone at 631-207-1313 or online at