A grant to help property owners downsize
Property owners of large buildings like the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame may be eligible for a NYS Main Street grant that would help business owners divide their property.


A grant to help property owners downsize


Business Improvement District executive director Dennis Smith is looking to apply to NYS Homes and Community Renewal for a grant under the NYS Main Street program that would help business owners subdivide their property, which the Patchogue Village board approved Monday night. “We’re looking to put our hat in the ring are currently looking to see who would like to participate to subdivide some of the larger spaces,” Smith said. “I did speak to the owner of the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame, Arun Bahl, and he was willing to participate and write a letter of support.” Smith said South Ocean Avenue may be included in the grant application. “But then, where do you turn, east or west?” he said. “You have to have a definitive area.” Smith said an example might be property owner Joel Furman’s space at 8 West Main Street, but only if he was willing. “The grant isn’t due for another few weeks, so if we can secure a few willing business owners, that would help define the area,” he said. “We have the demographic information they want, so you have the basic information they need on file.”