Farmers Market kicks off at a new location
Sal and Vincent D’Aguanno, father-and-son duo, show their passion for baked goods at the Patchogue Farmers Market.


Farmers Market kicks off at a new location


Sometimes you need a change of scenery. 

When questioned why Mays in Wading River wanted to participate in the Patchogue Village Farmers Market, employee Michelle Mallardi said they wanted to “bring the fruits, vegetables and plants to the south.” Eric Marino, another employee, added he was excited to meet new customers. 

The Farmers Market, sponsored by the Patchogue Village Business Improvement District, chose a different locale as well and is now located at the Patchogue LIRR station. The soft opening of the second annual Sunday Farmers Market this past Sunday consisted of four vendors: Mays, Mr.Vin’s Bakery, K & J Farm and Pickle Me Pete, offering produce, bread, flowers and pickles, respectively.

Dennis Smith, executive director of the Business Improvement District, helped all the businesses set up and prepare for the fun-filled day. Smith wanted to find the least intrusive area for the Farmers Market and came up with the location on the east side of the train station’s parking lot. The Farmers Market is food-based and looks for edible items to sell, from natural lettuce to exotic pickles and jams. According to Smith, the goal of the Farmers Market is to give locals a chance to buy specialty products that might not be available in the village. 

Patchogue Village holds another Farmers Market on Fridays on East Main Street across from Rider Avenue, but it is hard for people to attend, Smith said, because many have to work. The Sunday Farmers Market gives people who can’t make Friday’s Farmers Market an opportunity to come, said Smith, who is looking to enlist local merchants to get involved with the market and plans for the Sunday Farmers Market to have “much more success this year.” 

Sal and Vincent D’Aguanno, the father-and-son duo behind their business, Mr. Vin’s Bakery, and first-timers at Sunday’s event, said it was a great way to put their name out there. The D’Aguannos bake their goods at the Calverton Incubator, which is run by Stony Brook University, and the Farmers Market was one of the venues they were allowed to be a part of. Mr. Vin’s Bakery prides themselves in their baked goods, consisting of pies, cookies, cakes, but most of all, their breads. Mr. Vin’s is most well known for their famous Portuguese sweet bread, which is a recipe Vincent’s father, Sal, passed down to him. Their next big events they will be attending are Sayville’s Summerfest in August and the Southampton Classic.

The Friday Patchogue Farmers Market runs from July 17 to Nov. 4 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Sunday Patchogue Farmers Market is being held from June 12 to Nov. 20 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Patchogue Railroad Station parking lot. For more information, go to and search Patchogue Farmers Market for directions and to see what each market has to offer.