Lithology takes over taps at Village Idiot Pub
Up-and-coming Long Island brewery Lithology takes over The Village Idiot Pub. Pictured (left to right): Lithology brewers and co-owners Lee Kaplan and Marc Jackson, and John Sarno, owner of The Village Idiot Pub. 


Lithology takes over taps at Village Idiot Pub


Last Saturday, up-and-coming Long Island nanobrewery Lithology partnered with Patchogue’s The Village Idiot Pub for the first “tap takeover” for the local business.  The event was held from 1–5 p.m., and included samples and prize giveaways to the crowd.

Lithology’s four brewers are each co-owners, including Marc Jackson of Patchogue. The brewery operates out of A Taste of Long Island Craft Brewery, a co-op in Farmingdale, and began pursuing their passion by experimenting with home brewing. They formed the company two years ago and were granted a license to sell by the New York State Liquor Authority earlier this year. “I’ve been brewing with one of our partners since maybe 2007 on a home scale, and then we just kept getting bigger and bigger,” said Jackson, who explains that, despite growth, they hold a small, local ideology. “We try to source as many local ingredients as we can. We’re small. We’re grassroots, coming from the bottom up, so we try to help other organizations that have a similar mindset.” The brewery has partnered with an organic farm in Malverne and recently did a collaboration brew with a rooftop farm that grows hops in Brooklyn. “We just try to keep it small, and find the closest-to-home ingredients we can get,” said Jackson.

Lithology CEO and co-owner Lee Kaplan explained that the co-op has been a great place for them to get their start and that The Village Idiot Pub has been a great support to the growing business, also co-owned by fellow brewers Kevin Cain and Manny Coelho. “We’re a small nanobrewery,” said Kaplan. “It’s an exciting day for us, because it’s a tap takeover and it’s the first one that we’ve done. We brought five beers with us and we put them all on tap at one time, and for a couple of hours, it’s just our beer on tap. The Village Idiot’s been really good to us. They’ve been one of our steadiest clients. The beer moves in an out of here really fast and they were more than happy to oblige.” 

John Sarno, owner of The Village Idiot Pub, echoes the symbiosis of the local pub and brewery. “When I expanded my tap towers a few years ago, I wanted to get more involved in craft beer,” said Sarno. “Every bar has their own identity. It’s very eclectic around here. What they’re making is really great beer and it has sold very well for the past six to eight months. It’s reasonably priced and whatever we’ve put on tap has sold very well. The tap takeover is just another step. This is the first time they’ve ever done one, or myself. It’s new territory for both of us, but I think we’ve handled it very, very well. So far, so good.”