A real Christmas tree to light and theatre bid
BID executive director Dennis Smith with Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk County CEO Adrian Fasset, holding a fake Christmas tree, who agreed to donate a living tree for Patchogue’s Christmas tree lighting at Capital One Plaza.


A real Christmas tree to light and theatre bid


Patchogue BID executive director Dennis Smith announced at the village board meeting that while this year’s aim to purchase a permanent Christmas tree was discussed and had interest from the village and some from the chamber, Adrian Fasset, CEO of the Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk County, stepped up as Santa just before Tuesday’s meeting and pledged up to $7,500 for a full-grown tree. “The chamber used to go out in the neighborhood for six years and ask residents, ‘can we chop it down?’” Smith said. “Sometimes DPW would have to trim branches to construct the tree. I’ll order it this week. It will be 14 or 18 feet.”

In other BID news, a Christmas Store may still make its way in the village before the holidays. Smith said a property at 19 North Ocean Avenue is vacant and that there is a good chance for the shop to lease it for two months. The BID also joined the Suffolk County Coalition of Chambers, as has the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce. “We’re looking to lend a voice to issues commonplace on Long Island,” Smith said. “The BID represents every business in Patchogue.” The membership is for one year. 

Community Development Agency executive director Marian Russo, who is also project manager for the 2016 Patchogue Theatre Renewal, introduced J. Robert Holzmacher, professional engineer and principal in JR Holzmacher, the consulting engineer for the project. Russo said estimates were requested prior to going out to bid and came very close to Holzmacher’s bids. The new seats and flooring will be paid with a grant from an anonymous donor; the remainder will be paid via a bond.

Holzmacher, who bid out five areas, went over the project for the board’s approval. Contract 1 - Plaster Specialties and Ceiling Repairs to Chet Mitrani Plastering LLC for $313,906.13 was tabled. “The contract is broken up in nine separate bid items, but even though there’s a clear low bidder, Peter Sarich, who’s familiar with scaffolding, was unhappy with the scaffolding price so he wanted more time for us to talk to the contractor and the scaffolding contractor,” said Holzmacher. “We have to sit with the contractor as well as the subcontractor to make sure we’re spending the numbers wisely.” Contract 2 - HVAC Work for $47,000 to Haas Incorporated will involve modifying the grills, Holzmacher said, adding there were three parts to the job. “There are about 17 different grills in the ductwork in the attic, so they’ll cut new access to the ductwork and we’ll be able to get into them with a dust vac, so they can be cleaned out once a year,” he said. The two other components of the job include modifying the registers. “There are round ones and square ones,” he said. “The grill has to be off and we’ll put in a little framework channel and the grill will sit in the framework and drop down from the attic space. We’ll change the ductwork connecting those and put in flexible duct, so from the attic you can pull the whole grill up and clean the face. We’ll be cleaning out the air conditioning and heating grills while the scaffolding is up.” A new lighting panel in the basement to run new circuits will be in the mix for Contract 3 – Electrical Work for $42,500 to Bancker Electric. Contract 4 – Carpentry Work to Merrick Utility Associates for $104,100 will include repairing soft spots and putting in a new concrete floor over the three layers with a ¾-inch plywood floor on top. With Contract 5 – Carpet and Floor Finishing to Milburn Flooring Mills for $110,477.90, all carpeting will be removed for resilient flooring under the seats to be installed with new plywood beneath. Carpeting will be placed in the aisles, not in the lobby. “Resilient flooring will wear better and be easier to clean, like a really good vinyl floor,” Holzmacher said. Code issues will also be addressed.

Contracts 2,3,4 and 5 were unanimously approved by the village board.

In other news:

• The Eloise Staudinger Arch pedestals were installed on Monday. The new archway promises to be a beauty.

• Seventeen benches are now on Main Street installed by the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

• PAC MAC Festival was another hit this year.

• On Oct. 24, Project Red Cross will canvas single-family homes and give out smoke alarms.

Barbara Spears of 122 Marvin Street was awarded a Patchogue Pride Award; Spears remained through the whole meeting.