On the radio
William Floyd Youth and Government students Leah Antoval and Emma van Nieuwenhuizen with Youth and Government advisor Bob Feeney, host Bob Vecchio and student A.G. Chancellor at LI News Radio 103.9.


On the radio


There’s a new voice on the radio and it’s talking about your school district. “Spotlight on Long Island Schools” debuts on LI News Radio 103.9 on Sept. 12, hosted by William Floyd School District Board of Education president Bob Vecchio, highlighting the positive programs and amazing kids in school districts across Long Island. 

For the past year, Vecchio has been a monthly guest on a Long Island Roundtable discussion program produced by JVC Broadcasting executive Hillary White. 

It was obvious to White that Vecchio needed his own forum.  “Bob’s got a great passion for Long Island and our community and he’s got a great voice and great opinions,” she said. “He’s an asset. I thought, let’s use his talent in other ways and get him on the radio.”

It didn’t take much convincing to get Vecchio, known for his talkative, outgoing personality, on board. “He had expressed an interest in trying to get a show off the ground to highlight Long Island schools, what the kids are doing, what the teachers are doing and all of the really good things, and to get a local perspective on what’s happening in our communities,” said White. After several months of development, and the business of securing Suffolk Speech and Myofunctional Therapy as a sponsor, it’s ready to hit the airwaves.

As a BOE trustee since 2003 and member of various school board organizations and associations statewide, Vecchio has seen the best and the worst of what goes on in many districts. His show will highlight the positive. 

“Being a school board member, I’m familiar with some of the great programs and the amazing things our kids are doing on a daily basis, but I also realize that a lot of people in our community aren’t aware,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity for the kids to be spotlighted, most importantly, and it’s a good opportunity for the school districts to let the community know some of the great things that are going on.” 

Vecchio isn’t new to radio; he got his start at WSHR, Sachem High School radio. “Thirty years after being involved in it in high school, I’m now on radio spotlighting schools. It’s kind of full circle,” he said.

The series kicks off on Sept. 12 with students from the William Floyd High School Youth and Government program, which consistently dominates their state conference. On Sept. 16, Vecchio speaks to students from Sayville High School about their STEM programs. “The kids were absolutely amazing with some of the research they are involved with,” said Vecchio. 

Weekly bookings are filling up fast as word spreads. “We’re just going to go school district by school district, “ he said. “I have a lot of school districts already lined up to talk about the great programs and innovative ideas they have going on.”

Listeners should tune in to LI News Radio 103.9 at 10:30 a.m. on Saturdays to hear the program. It can also be heard on www.linewsradio.com.  “The great part is that after the show airs, the school districts will get a copy of the broadcast which they can then post on their website, so folks can hear it there, too,” said Vecchio.