Bianchi/Weiss Greenhouses undergoes year-long DEC cleanup
The Bianchi/Weiss Greenhouse site on South Country Road in East Patchogue will finally undergoing extensive remedial work by the DEC.


Bianchi/Weiss Greenhouses undergoes year-long DEC cleanup


The 14-acre Bianchi/Weiss Greenhouses superfund site on South Country Road in East Patchogue, which the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation proposed to the public in a draft cleanup plan in 2011, is finally being addressed. 

Site activities are scheduled for this week.  Remediation work will take place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The anticipated completion date is June 2016.

The site was previously used for commercial growing purposes from 1929 to 2005 and is presently undeveloped and zoned for residential use. In December 2006, during site demolition of buildings by the present owner, concerned neighbors contacted local officials about potential health concerns. 

Pesticides were the primary contaminants of concern detected during the remedial investigation that was completed in August 2011. The public was invited to hear the draft action plan at the South Country Library in November 2011.

According to the DEC Office of Media Relations Jomo Miller, initial site activities will include clearing the site, surveying the site, setting up site trailer and running utilities to the site. “It is expected that 8 to 10 people will typically be working at the site,” Miller said in an email. “We anticipate 10 to 20 trucks leaving the site when the excavation work commences. The site will be regraded and vegetated following completion of excavation work.” Miller said after completion of the remedial action, the site is anticipated to be suitable for residential development.  “At this time DEC does not know how the site will be developed by the property owner,” Miller said. “The property owner however must comply with the site management plan and notify the Department prior to any change in use at the site.”

According to the DEC’s Fact Sheet, the following remedial actions will take place:

On-site soils which exceed the residential Soil Cleanup Objectives for alpha-chlordane, gamma-chlordane and lead will be excavated and transported for off-site disposal at an approved facility; a community air monitoring plan will assess site conditions when ground intrusive work is performed, which includes dust suppression; clean fill will then be brought in; irrigation wells located on-site will be abandoned.

When site activities are completed, an institutional control will be placed on the site, meaning limited site use, site controls will be maintained and the remedial actions will be assessed. 

For those property owners with potable wells located within or near the chlordane groundwater plume and impacted by chlordane that exceeds 1 part per billion will be offered public water connections. Property owners near the shallow portion of chlordane-contaminated groundwater were offered the option of having foundation cracks sealed and filters placed on the sump pump discharges to remove chlordane to acceptable discharge levels.

The DEC will prepare a final engineering report after cleanup activities are completed and will keep the public informed. Project documents are available at the Patchogue-Medford and South Country libraries.